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A Brand is Born

Chris Harrell

RetroGrade Logo on Beast 911

Friends and fellow classic car enthusiasts:

We are thrilled to announce that our website,, is officially live!

In addition to our website launch, we are excited to experience Classic Car Week as a sponsor and exhibitor at Werks Reunion (, this Friday, 8/19, in Carmel, CA. If you are a Porsche enthusiast, we will probably see you there.

As some of you already know, RetroGrade Classics is a Classic Sports Car Lifestyle™ brand that celebrates the quality, design, craftsmanship, and materials of iconic classic sports cars in the form of period-inspired bags, accessories, apparel, and other gear. We are based in Los Angeles, the world capital of car culture.

We created RetroGrade Classics because we love cars—especially classic cars. And we lament the “progress” in automotive design and mass production that has left so many newer cars feeling bland and soulless.

We prefer the craftsmanship, detail, and experience of classic sports cars: houndstooth Recaro sport seats and green gauges in a '67 Porsche 911S; the unmistakable sound of a Ferrari V-12; the iconic kidney-shaped grille of a classic BMW; minimalist interiors, fabricated from wood and metal; the smell of well-worn leather; a hand-built original body with imperfect panel gaps; the look and feel of a decades-old patina.

Our products are inspired by all of these and more, and executed with an eye for design simplicity, purpose, and quality, with the simple goal of bringing the classic sports car experience to life in the form of premium products for fellow classic sports car enthusiasts.

For our initial product release, we have created the Stuttgart Collection, a line of premium, 100% certified organic cotton t-shirts featuring artistic reinterpretations of Porsche-licensed photographer and RetroGrade co-founder Michael Alan Ross’s iconic Porsche photographs.

Bags, accessories, and other gear featuring authentic materials from car interiors of the 60’s/70’s/80’s will release beginning this fall. All of our products are designed and made in the U.S.A. with premium, authentic materials, small production runs, and an obsessive attention to detail.

Thank you so much for your support of our new brand. If you have a great experience with us or our products, please share with other classic car fanatics.

We look forward to creating great products and sharing them with you for years to come!

The RetroGrade Classics Team

Classic Sports Car Lifestyle™




RetroGrade Classics is…

Chris Harrell (@cmharrell): The visionary for RetroGrade and former exec at premium technology/lifestyle brand Incase.

Michael Alan Ross (@michaelalanross): Porsche-licensed automotive photographer with a passion for all things automotive and a love for the classics.

Jason Ryan Zahler (@jrzahler): Entrepreneur and consumer products industry veteran who makes crazy ideas come to life.

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